Last post introduce you to the social media idea, now lets look at strategy.

Develop a Strategy

You first need to determine a social networking strategy. Ask yourself why are we doing this? What is the goal? Who do we want to reach? What message do we want to get out? What are your strategies for meeting your goals? Make sure it fits with your agency branding. For example, if you are a personal lines only firm, don’t post about commercial insurance or risk issues.

Communication consultant Rick Gilman tells us to make sure that your social networking strategy is consistent with your marketing plan. Social networking (SN) should be part of, not separate, from your overall marketing.

Here are some additional questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Is the rest of the business ready for this tool?

2. Which products or services can be promoted?

3. What are the internal costs?

4. What area of sales are we hoping to influence?

5. Are our clients and prospects ready?

6. How will we measure results?

Once you have some answers to the questions above, you will be better able to move into the application that best fits your needs. Most of the sites have industry focus groups or subject specific groups as well. Most of the sites will allow you to post an opinion or provide information. The more you post, the easier it will be for people to find you.   Before you begin you will need to assign someone the responsibility of managing the social media program. You must daily manage your program and engage in the social networking community.

Quick ideas to build Face Book followers:

1. Invite your friends to join. Most employees of the agency have personal pages. Send out invitations to your personal contacts. Encourage employees to view your page and “like” weekly.

2. Invite your company marketing reps to also join. Send an email out introducing the page.

3. Invite your email contacts to join.

4. Add the Facebook link to your email signature.

5. Add a fun contest to all who “like” your page during a 30 day period. Perhaps hold a drawing for a $15 dollar gift card.

Good luck!

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