Check yourself, do you do any of these?

We don’t learn the customer’s industry


Solution -To avoid this blunder, take the time prior to every meeting with any customer, to dig around on the Internet to find analyst reports and news articles about the industry. Find out the major players, the major firms, and the major concerns. Take notes, so that you don’t have to do it all over again next time you call on a similar customer.

You ask obvious questions

To avoid this, always research the customer thoroughly before your first important meeting. Continue to research throughout the sales cycle, as you make further contacts and understand the customer’s problems more thoroughly.

You ignore the competition

Always ask the prospect who else is calling on a prospect. (Yeah, it’s gutsy, but you have to do it.) Figure out the competitor’s sales strategy based upon whom they’re calling upon. Come up with a plan to counter the competitor’s move to keep the playing field level.

You don’t learn how the customer buys

To avoid this problem, use intelligent questions to gradually discover how the customer buys, then adjust your sales process so that it matches the buying process. Take the steps that help the customer move to the next stage in their buying process.

Don’t give a generic sales pitch

To avoid this, get “centered” before your next sales call. During your conversation with the customer, focus your intent on customer: words, gestures, tonality and context. Don’t think about what you’re going to say next. Listen, then respond, then ask another question.

Do you know business basics?

Learn how to read a financial statement or calculate a ROI.

Follow through

It’s all a matter of organization. Whenever you close a deal, spend the extra time to schedule your follow-up appoints.  At the same time, schedule time so that you’re 100% sure that you make ALL your calls promptly.



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