Sales calls for some can be really hard, and for others…no worries! No matter who you are we all need a few reminders. Her are mine.

1. Manage your mental approach – the way you see yourself and the cold calling activity. Avoid behaviors that add to your stress levels.

2. Be very clear and concise about who you are and the purpose of your call. Practice with a friend.

3. Prepare and ask good facilitative questions which help the other person to see the situation more clearly, and which invite them to consider and explain how they decide about such issues.

4. It is better to listen and interpret from the customer’s perspective.

5. Stop chasing prospects – behave with dignity.

6. Don’t be pushy, be nice…nice matters

7. Creating trust with your prospect is your primary goal – not making the sale.

8. Understand your prospect’s problems deeply so that they feel ‘understood’ by you.

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