Agents are always thinking of ways to manage insurance administration to reduce E&O claims. Here are five things to think about. A good side benefit of these, is that  is also increases customer service, which is always a good thing. Well here are the five.

1. Develop standards- your agency needs to have consistent operational standards for such things as: communication, renewals, new business, certificates, claims and more.

2. Train your staff- have monthly training on procedures. It is also a good idea to include claim examples, on what went wrong and how to prevent future clients. You can contact your insurer for examples.

3. Document- all conversations and actions need to be documented and placed in the file. Send notes to clients summarizing meetings and calls.

4. Listen to your client- handle issues as they come up, ask questions to gain a better understanding.

5. Get a second opinion- don’t be afraid to ask for help from another colleague.

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