What is all the fuss about? All we hear about these days is how many followers you have on your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Has our country gone crazy with this idea of “social networking “or “social  media”? Perhaps; in fact we have not even begun to see the impact of social media in our personal lives and businesses. 

What is Social Networking?

Basic “old school” networking used to involve golf, a drink, or taking someone to a football game. One of the goals of the “old” style networking was to learn about the person and communicate with them about your solutions, ideas and skills.  The goal may be the same, but the methods are new. Social media or social networking is a term used to describe a method of communicating both for social and business objectives, with millions of other people connected to the same kind of communication tool.  To put it another way, social media is an umbrella term that defines the many different kinds of activities used to integrate technology into social and business interaction, including pictures, audio and videos.

What Are The Benefits?

A recent study in 2009 by Michael Stelzner points out some real benefits to developing a social networking strategy.

Bob lilly



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